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Small Business Owner Questions

Questions 21st Century Small Business Owner needs to ask.

Do you get monthly Financial Statements to enable you to measure, analyze, monitor and decide on your firm’s performance . Many accountants not only prepare the Financial Statements at additional charges and after 3 months of close of business , once a year , they do not provide insight and advise on improving the results. Clearwater Professional Corporation provides you the Financial Statements every month, to better manage you Profitability, the Balance Sheet and Cashflows as well as your Bank reconciliations. A monthly set of Financial Statements also helps you better plan your taxes and navigate the future more efficiently. In summary true value from your accounting services can only be achieved through proactive advise based on monthly Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet , Cash Flow Statements and Bank Reconciliations and not through compilation of 12 month old events reported after 15 months.
Clearwater Professional Corporation have almost 30 years of experiencing in helping Small Business build 3-5 year plans based on industry and market specific models. We consider your aspirations, potential, expertise, and ambitions / limitations to help you build a business plan that is realistic, achievable, and deliverable. Our business plan induce marketing campaigns and sales strategies that would not be thought of otherwise. Our clients achieve their goals by a system of monthly monitoring, proactive advice and consultation
The staff at Clearwater Professional Corporation are professionally qualified and extensive experience in advising the small business owner. Clearwater Professional Corporation provides the Small Business Owner the benefits that every business should derive through access to cloud based accounting systems, up to date tax knowledge, and financial analysis capabilities. Our staff help the Small Business Owner with analysis and advise on Product Pricing, Product mix, customer discounts, incentive plans, interest rate management, credit decisions etc.
The monthly system of generating financial statements and discussing them with our clients not only ensures compliance with rules , regulations and filing requirements it also helps identify cost over runs, revenue generation opportunities and tax savings that cannot be identified or implemented when financial statements are generated once a year , and 2-3 months after the year end. Our monthly systems also brings certain benefits to the Small Business owner in the form of better organization, fiscal discipline, regulatory compliance and data back.

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