HST Filing

HST Filing Services

In Canada, all small businesses are required to register, file, and pay HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) on a predetermined schedule to the CRA. Any delays or non-compliance in payments can incur hefty penalties β€” which can have a significant impact on your business.

At Clearwater, we assist our clients with the process of collecting and submitting HST, as well as correspondence with the
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). From compiling information, to accurately preparing HST returns, to overseeing your HST related costs,
our team will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you are fulfilling your responsibilities as a small business owner.

Canada Revenue Agency β€” HST Filing

When you work with the team at Clearwater, we will provide:

  • Registration support β€” If you don’t already have an HST Number, we will help your business register with the CRA.
  • Expert advice β€” We will assist with the preparation of HST returns and ensure you receive the benefit of claiming maximum input tax credits.
  • Representation β€” We will submit your HST returns and communicate with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on your behalf.
  • Audit assistance β€” We will help you prepare for and comply with the requirements of CRA HST audits.

In addition to HST filing, our expert team of bookkeepers and accountants can assist you with a range of accounting,
bookkeeping, tax, and payroll services in Ontario.

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