Personal Tax Preparation

Personal Income Tax Filing

At Clearwater, we have over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry and we use leading cloud-based taxation software to make the process quick and easy for you. Our team of professionals are up-to-date with most recent changes in personal tax filing and taxation law, and can ensure that available deductions and tax credits are claimed to reduce your tax burden.
Take a different approach this year — turn to the expert team of accountants and bookkeepers at Clearwater for support with your tax filing. Save yourself considerable time and effort, while ensuring compliance with the latest government regulations.

Tax Planning Services

At Clearwater, we have prepared and filed countless personal income tax returns and we specialize in providing personalized service to match the specific needs of our clients.
If you’re filing your personal income taxes independently, you are likely missing out on deductions and valuable savings that a professional accountant or bookkeeper could help you acquire.
When you work with Clearwater, you can rest easy, knowing that your personal taxes will be prepared and filed with the utmost accuracy and efficiency, while maximizing your potential savings.
Our team of bookkeepers guarantee the prompt delivery of your complete personal taxation forms and will negotiate your tax settlement with the CRA on your behalf, for current or prior tax years. We will also advise you on the impact of future changes to taxation, so you can address these changes proactively..

Our personal income tax filing services will ensure that you acquire:

  • Unparalleled tax savings — We will help you take advantage of all possible deductions and tax credits.
  • Expert advice and support — We will help you understand what is happening throughout the personal tax filing and preparation process, and we’ll answer all of your questions.
  • Peace of mind — We will help eliminate your worry about the yearly deadlines for filing personal taxes.

Take the stress out of meeting personal income tax deadlines. Start working with our expert team and take advantage of our other accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and payroll services for individual and small businesses in Ontario.
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