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Common Pitfalls & Solutions of Bookkeeping for Small Business

The ambience for small business in Canada is not very tranquil particularly the new ones. With the pandemic unleashing the “unkindest cut of all“, small & mid-sized businesses have faced the maximum wrath. As per data accumulated in recent times, it has been observed 20% of business fail to create an impact after the first year of their commencement.

Only half or a bit more, sustains till five years or more than that. There are fewer chances of lowering these threats & the businesses are failing to find optimistic ways to sustain. What are the shortcomings that are faced by small businesses? Frankly speaking, there are a lot of reasons that contribute to unforeseen circumstances.

Why Bookkeepers Should Have a Proactive nature

One of the key reasons for the failure is bookkeeping challenges. Bookkeepers at time lack the visibility to understand the cash flow. They are unable to understand the late financial statements. At times older techniques can also prove to be a hindrance.

Affordable solutions are always available and these proven solutions are ideal to help business owners have proper control of the finance. They can rope in a better decision that takes them the extra mile in the future. A structured solution will ensure that the business continues to run seamlessly without becoming static. Here in this article, we will go ahead to discuss the key reasons that promote the problem & ways to recover from the problem.

The current scenario for small & midsized business is not very agile in Canada. With the recent pandemic, things have gone from bad to worst. Creating an optimistic roadmap and keeping the books flawless is very important. Incompetent bookkeeping can contribute to the failure of the organization.

  1. What Are The Signs Of Bookkeeping Problem?
  2. What Are The Solutions To Common Bookkeeping Challenges?

What Are The Signs Of Bookkeeping Problems?

Frankly speaking, the causes of failure can be avoidable. This is particularly the case as it comes to the accounting & financial areas of the equation. Close attention will allow you to fetch the warning that indicates the troubled period in a business. Let us discuss the common hassle that escalates in lesser ROI. At the same time, we will let you why these areas are to be avoided.

· Why Unsuccessful Application For Bank Funding Are To Be Avoided-

An organization at times is unable to secure bank funding. Professional bookkeepers & Chartered accountants in Oakville start applying at numerous places at a single time. They fail to follow the instructions & parameters or lack the data that are to be submitted during the application. Better to apply when papers remain seamless & data is available without any major hindrance.


· Why Minute Attention Is Required For Accounting While Tabulation

As a business owner, you are duty-bound to pay your employees on time. If your books of accounts reveal that you are unable to cover payroll, then the book of accounts are in danger.  It is important to ensure that each & every column in the books is well tabulated & rechecked. If required using proven software can drive error-free results.

· Why Closing Processes Need Maximum Attention

When the closing processes are done in a lackadaisical manner by the bookkeepers there are high chances of developing errors within the book.  This creates a snowball effect of inaccuracy leading to financial collapse. Missed expenses along with mistakes in payrolls & few other errors down the line will become onerous to correct. All these lead to unforeseen circumstances & allow the business to suffer.

· Why Monthly Financial Statements Are To Be Completed On Time-

The professional bookkeeper at times is unable to update the book promptly, this leads to a poor business decision. You are bound to lose revenue as you eventually have to fix up the decision.

As a business owner, you need to be proactive & make sure your bookkeepers are putting the best foot forward. Seamless bookkeeping drives good result for an organization. Negative results will incur loss and will not allow the organization to stand amidst the Stiff competitive market.

What Are The Solutions To Common Bookkeeping Challenges?

None wants to wake up & witness that their business has suffered a dent. To avoid such tumult conditions adopting proactive measures are very essential. Let us now discuss a few solutions that allow your business to afloat in a positive manner.

· What Are The Technologies To Be Adopted For Keeping Books Safe?

Businesses still at the start-up level continue to track & manage business activities using Excel. This works right at the embryonic stage, but as the days pass by it is good to adopt a robust structure. Bookkeepers & Accountants in Burlington is advised to have a look accounting software solution that can process regular & automatic update.

· What are the advantages of embracing technology?

  • With the boom of technology and its affordability, there is no reason why small business owners can’t embrace technology.
  • Proven software & tools enable your data and numbers to remain in check.
  • When the respective Accountants in Oakville, get busy or gets overburdened with the task, they can let their subordinates to take up the responsibility.
  • The tabulation can be done accurately through proven automation technique.

· Why Proper Training Is Essential

Times are changing & it would be a huge loss if your Bookkeepers in Burlington are failing to live up to your expectation. To keep them motivated you can take up the onus of imparting training on the latest technologies or rope professional QuickBooks Expert to gather knowledge. Instructional videos & proper mentoring can help.

To go the extra mile, you need to a bit proactive. Adopting the latest technology & the latest software is essential so that tasks are done accurately. Make sure to impart proper training so the bookkeepers get motivated to do their best.


Bookkeeping is just another area in business operation that needs to be dealt with with care & dedication. Bookkeepers in GTA needs to perform vital & necessary functionality for the growth & survival of a particular business.

Without accuracy & timely books things might be a bit difficult for a small business to survive. Get in touch with a Business Planning Accountants Oakville & create an optimistic pathway for the business.

June 7, 2021