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Part Time Controller / CFO Advisory

Part Time Controller | CFO Advisory

Part Time Controller / CFO Services

At Clearwater Professional Corporation (CPC), in addition to our accounting and bookkeeping services, we provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise of an experienced Controller or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at a reasonable rate — and we can provide this consulting service on a part-time basis to fit the unique needs of your business.

Receive Trusted Financial Advice

Experienced advisors, like Controllers or CFOs, can help small business owners make informed decisions to help their small businesses prosper, including:

  • Cash Flow Monitoring — Alleviate the cash flow problems caused by HST returns and payroll remittances for your business.
  • Financial Planning — Understand how, where, and when to invest your company’s profits for future security.
  • Growth Management — Find the best strategy for your company to expand.
  • Innovative Solutions — Receive ongoing suggestions for improvements from a trusted financial advisor.

Staying one step ahead of your competition is one of the major benefits of a part-time Controller or part-time CFO from Clearwater Professional Corporation (CPC).

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